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Modules are optional add-ons to our software that enrich it with extra features. For example to help you with compliance, improve security, or generate more revenues. Below we describe the modules we have currently available.

Custom Fee Editor

This module enables you to create new fees, set their price and attach them to events. Fees can be fixed or depend on the situation. Fees can be applied automatically, periodically and you have control over notification of your backoffice staff and your customers.


Risk Level Editor

This module enables you to create and edit a set of risk levels that can be attached to customers, you can decide on the granularity of the levels. You will be able to set, update and review the risk level of each customer so that you are aware of it when approving transfers or doing due diligence.


Multiuser Front & Back Office

This module enables you to grant your customers multi-user capability. This means that your customers can create multiple user accounts for their employees that need access to their accounts. Each user has their own login credentials so it’s easy to revoke access to employees that leave the company.


2nd Factor Authenticator

Authentify provides security through a mobile application on your staff’s and customer’s phone. Users must authenticate with a second password, pattern, voice print or fingerprint. You can define policies with different levels of security and applying them to your customers and staff (Ex: Voice authentication for transfers over $50.000).

From 150€/month

Investment Accounts

This module extends the system with interest-bearing accounts. You can define a set of fixed-deposit products with different interest rates, duration and redemption fees. The system automatically pays out the interest to a designated customer account at the interval you’ve set for the product.


API Integration

This module enables you to integrate the ETT system with other computer systems. The backoffice API gives access to a limited set of functions including customer and account inquiry, internal transfers and webhooks for notification on incoming transactions.



Debit Card Management

Enables the tool for debit card management. The system supports card application process, issuance, delivery and activation and financing of cards. If you have a specific card provider, contact us to budget the module integration.

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Compliance on Transfers

This module adds compliance on incoming funds. You can define a policy for flagging up incoming funds for compliance. On these transfers, the system will notify the backoffice that documentation is required. Customers will be able to upload their documentation to the system for review by the backoffice.


Vanity Account Numbers

It gives you the possibility to select your own account number prefix. You can even allow your customers to select their own account numbers. The system controls automatically that no customer can get duplicated account numbers.


SSO Login

With this module, you will allow new users to sign up with their Social Networks. We have implemented OAuth login so they can apply such technology to their account at our system. When users sign up, after email validation, they are asked to choose a password. The actual available networks are Google or Facebook for authentication.


E-wallet Integration

This module will allow you to connect our system to an ewallet system. At the moment we have Integrated with coinapult’s API to create accounts, request the account information and send out bitcoins. The information of the account allows the system to present funding instructions through bitcoin, namely with the bitcoin address. When a user requests a BTC subaccount, it is created by using the coinapult API.


Custom Narrative

This module will allow you to create templates for narratives, as well as aplying some logic to the information provided by the user, by using regular expresions. As a resulta, it will drastically decrease to almost none the human errors when typing narratives for a transfer.



History of Changes

The module will let you have all the changes done to a customer or beneficiary details kept, so that they can be audit at any time for who has made the changes and what are the changes.


Fast Trasnfer

This module permits on specific transfer types to speed up the approval process, as a one step approval. It allow selection of the liquidity pool in the transfer list using the a drop-down will immediately approve the transfer.



Multiple Front-Office

This module is pretty self explantory, and it adds endless posibilities. So for example a company with 3 different branches, to have 1 Back office.

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Multibranding and Subrands

This module is a combination of different business models, and depending on the case one or the other will be applied. What it does is allow on of our installations to depend from a parent one. The different between them both resides on the permisions given to the secondary brand.

From 260€/month

Profit & Loss

The module will let you export a detailed calculation of your profit and loss using your the fees you charged the clientes, but more over, it will allow you to record your costs, and include them in this report. You can combine this module with the custom fee editor to create new fees and costs for each. It will calculate as well the trasaction costs that involves for your organization when calculating the profit and loss totals.